Why Brexit?

Why Brexit? A summary source of education and a stark warning for the ignorant.
  It’s astounding that in an era of mass social media, half the population of the UK still do not understand the substantial inequalities suffered by the lower classes, the young, the poor and the elderly; or is the lack of understanding purposeful?

  By being a part of the EU, our national assets and accrued wealth are being depleted through membership. EU politicians are clearly using threat tactics to suppress our exit. They don’t want the British piggy bank to leave, because they will have to actually devise wealth creation strategies instead of using the UK as a pot of gold.

  This Nationality Trade has already surpassed the line of no return. The temptation to foreign citizens to migrate at any cost to our little Celtic island, for the big giveaway of social benefits, social housing, blue collar work and the liberty to amalgamate their own cultural systems upon our norms, values and beliefs, has turned into an uncontrollable frenzy.

  The present atmosphere in the UK indicates substantial changes on the horizon, changes that could in theory, in the future, reaffirm the UK as a challenger to the chair of leading nation. However, unless the ignorance of inequality is addressed, unless the complacency culture and indifference strategies are abolished from existence, and unless the Nationality Trade, chipping away at our assets is abandoned, there will be no advancement, only revolt.

Why Brexit? A Qualitative Perspective
An essay by Garry Sherwin.

  You have heard many voices on the analysis of Brexit, but have you heard the opinions from those that really matter. The working classes; those that suffer the ignorance and indifference imposed upon them by the arrogant. It's time you listened.

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